Jonatan Piña Duluc

jonas-abelfaceJonatan Piña Duluc is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from the Dominican Republic. He has won the country`s most important composition competition the Premio Nacional de Música in five occasions on three different categories: Symphonic/Choral, Chamber music and Latin Dance music. Apart from these he has interests in Jazz, Rock, Latin Troubadour, Dominican folklore and everything eclectic. Influences go from Frank Zappa to Giorgy Ligueti, John Zorn, Luis Dias, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Living Colour, John Coltrane, Slayer, Juan Luis Guerra and many  artists that you wouldn`t find in the same shelf of a record store.


This piano piece from one of his award-winning classical works

His most important  current projects are:

El Trío

A prog-fusion band that explores various possible mixtures of rock, jazz, dominican folk and progressive music. In this group Jonatan plays the guitar and sings. Three albums  released independently plus a Live DVD/digital album realeased in 2014. Check the video below!

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El Trio on Facebook

Proyecto Piña Duluc

jonaspinasaxoA jazz quartet focusing on Dominican rhythms and melodies as a vehicle for improvisation. In this group he plays the saxophone, the other band members are Rigo Cabrera on bass, Hipolito Jean on keyboards and Arturo Saleta on Drums. The band has announced the release of their first record for late fall of 2014. The album will be called “Live at The Galleries”. Click below to hear “Kira en blanco y negro” a pre-master version of one of the albums tunes.

Isaac Hernández 5tet

A Nu-jazz, Afro-Dominican Jazz ensemble dedicated to playing the music of guitarist-composer Isaac Hernández in which Jonatan Piña plays the saxophone. The group has just released its debut album called “Perspectiva”. You can listen to it and buy it right here!!! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/isaachernandezquintet



Lunes de Jazz

A weekly concert/jam session  that has taken place in the city of Santiago for over fifteen years. A true tradition of the country`s alternative music culture. Jonatan has been playing  in these musical nights sessions for over ten years now.




Other projects he has been involved or collaborated with over the years are ICSR PROJECT, an experimental urban music group from Santo Domingo, two albums 2001, 2003.

Reverbnation.com icsrprojectextraterrestres


Santo Cerro, a Dominican funk band from Santo Domingo.

José  Luis Armengot y Cuarteto Libre, a free Jazz group from Santiago, one album released, 2002.

HACHE S.T. a political rap artist living in New York.