2013, A year in the life of Jonatan Piña Duluc y El Trío. A list of our achievements as a band and other stuff.



2013, A year in the life of Jonatan Piña Duluc y El Trío

This is long overdue, a list of our achievements as a band and my own high points as a musician and band-promoter-person in 2013 🙂 Also a look into what 2014 has in store, check it out!!!

Concerts, 8

 Ye Olde Homero, with La kereya, Santo Domingo, March
Blatta Bar, Santiago, with La kereya, April
Soho Rooftop, Santiago, Lanzamiento de Las Manos, May
Froguitos Bar, Santiago, June
Foxtrot, Santo Domingo, September
Blatta Bar, Santiago, with Pranam, October
Centro Leon, Santiago, November
Hangover, Santiago, December
Releases, 1

 Las Manos, our third studio album in May

Radio shows/podcasts. Our music has been featured in 16, in some multiple times!

 La Villa Strangiato, ChuoFM 89.1 Ottawa, Canada, Three times
Gigantes Gentiles, FM AZ92.7mhz, Rosario, Argentina, Four times
Friday Night Progressive, fridaynightprogressive.com, New York, USA
Cerca de La Orilla, Universo 94.9, Mexicali, México, two times
El Show de Tony Almont, rderadio.com DR
Siete Octavos, fedbackradio.com Costa Rica
La progresión, Radio Universidad 96.5 FM Mendoza, Argentina
De consumo local, Lax 102.fm, DR
El Retorno del Gigante, elretornodelgigante.com.ar, Argentina
Las Nenas sin Desperdicios, Radio amistad 101.9, DR
Infinite Ceiling, CKCU FM 93.1, Canada
Prog Extended, radio 106.5 MHz Germany
Progshine podcast, progshine.net, Poland
El Coro de la tarde, Estudio 97.7 FM, La Vega, DR
Progtracks, KPTZ 91.9 FM  Port Townsend, WA USA
The Rickter Scale Show, Delicious Agony Internet Radio, USA, two times.

 Lists, compilations. we were featured in 6

Moon June Record`s The open road.
Music alliance Pact for July 2013
Progsphere`s progstravaganza IX
Progshine`s first compilation
Rick Dashiell`s top 100 records of 2013, #45
La Casetera`s 10 mejores álbumes de la música alternativa dominicana en el 2013

Reviews, 5

 Diego Camargo, Progshine, Poland
Sea of Tranquility, Mark Johnson, USA
Progressor, Olav M Bjornsen, Sweeden http://www.progressor.net/review/el_trio_2013.html
Max DrLacrox Cueto, Adriana Badia, La Casetera, Dominican Republic
Prognosis, USA

  We also managed to get our new album on the iTunes, spotify, Amazon and all that buzz, also check out the new CDBABY store on the FB and other pages!

 Our plans for 2014 include The release of a live concert DVD to be called Leña!!!, already in the mixing process, a live album featuring music from various concerts, Will be named R.ock A.nd W.onder, El Trío en vivo, an acoustic live album to be named Onpló, and a whole bunch of concerts. We`ll also be doing some recordings of brand new songs for our fourth album which will be called Silbando… means Whistling…Seems I`m gonna keep busy. Hope I can get everything done!

I`m also working on my first solo album, hopefully it will be ready in 2014. And I`m about to enter the studio to perform saxophone duties with the amazing Isaac Hernandez Quintet recording its first album: Point of view, wait for it!!! We`re almost signing the contract with our first non-exclusive distributor, Melodic Revolution Records, hopefully more contracts like this one will come, I`m working on that.

We`ll do a internet download party to celebrate our ten years making music and the launching of my new web jonatanpinaduluc.com, which includes everything El Trío plus more stuff. For that celebration I will put together a compilation sampler from our three studio albums plus three songs from our new upcoming live cd, fifteen songs in total!!!So keep in touch and check out the web, reviews, and the YouTube channel…Get ready for new videos soon!!!


We love you,

Jonatan Piña Duluc y El Trío

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