El Trio, Siempre que hay un corazon

Released: SEP 2007


Dominican band that explores traditional latin songwriting expanding into prog-like areas. Trere is improvisation, influences of jazz and afro-caribbean rythms. The band is active since the year 2003 and it is committed to playing the music of Dominican composer Jonatan Pina Duluc (Jonas). El Trio has played in many venues of its Country and has earned a serious following and a reputation as one of the country’s most innovative bands formed by some of the most accomplished young musicians in the rock scene.

“Siempre Que Hay Un Corazon” will certainly appeal to people who, besides progressive and classic rock, find Latin music coupled with stylish jazz-fusion appealing. This is a solid debut from a gifted band, one that hopefully will soon resurface on the music scene.»

Raffaella Berry: September 20, 2009
The Rating Room, Progressor

«Overall an amazing debut album»

Diego Camargo, Progshine, October 2015

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