Leña!!! El Trío en vivo

Released: SEP 2014


Live-in-concert DVD recorded on a one night stand of a show at Hangover Bar, a short lived joint that gathered rock fans and enthusiasts. Avialable on  for  purchasing of DVD and audio tracks.
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«This DVD shows El Trio’s raw talent, emotion, and 100% sincerity. These guys really put it out there, and it most certainly works for me….I’d seriously suggest taking advantage of their offer to learn more about the quality progressive music that’s being created in this corner of the world without much fanfare. » Progressive Tracks September 2014

» Personalmente lo recomiendo, es necesario que la gente tenga y atesore estos archivos audiovisuales de la escena local, perfecto para disfrutarlo en casa un viernes en la noche con algunas copas de vino incluidas.» Max DrLacrox Cueto, La Casetera”

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