Isaac Hernandez Quintet recording sessions

Last week we entered the studio, Manuel Tejada`s Midilab, to lay down guitarist`s Isaac Hernandez`s first record, to be called «Point of View». ..And I couldn`t be more excited about the results; can`t wait to hear the final product!!! It`s a contemporary jazz thing with a stylish dominican element in it.  Isaac`s got strong themes, fine arrangements and a careful   execution done by Otoniel Nicolas, Esar Simo, Josean Jacobo, Isaac and yours truly on sax1782318_10152266170022246_1694856016_o.1920069_10151894920116717_1429403927_n1958354_10152299935947853_2053560551_n1656347_10151894919761717_1512529872_n1897882_10152299935787853_2030769547_n

If you wanna get acquainted with the IhQ`s sound, here are some links. I`ll keep y`all posted for the release…It`s gonna be awesome!


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